Feeling the pain of every soul of the Earth war, Brigid has taken it upon herself the arduous duty of healing those who suffer from wounds of Earth and Celestial Gods. She brings fire and prophecy to the heroes of the human race, and love to all who can feel it. Her voice rises on the eve of every battle and carries with it the harsh realities of sadness
and longing for the war to end. During this time of eternal night her embodiment as the moon shines a way for casualties of war to find sanctuary.
From the other dimension where the Celestial Gods came, Justice was the first to escape the prison that held him and his kind. Though he understands the revenge plotted against the Earth Gods, he remains loyal to his namesake. The Earth Gods are to pay for imprisoning the Celestial Gods and for enslaving the human race.
Fallen came to the war a nomad. He carried no banner, only blades of war. No one knows his origin, only that he kills relentlessly any who cross him, be it God or man. Some have speculated he may be older than all the Earth Gods. If this is true, there are many would seek his head to reveal his secrets. None have succeeded thus far.
An Earth God who was exiled for helping the humans try to escape the war. Erebos lost of much of his original power but still maintains a player in the underworld. In this he has vowed to save what humans he can and has been leading a group of them to a place where an ancient monolith lies. It is an artifact that may hold the key to restoring balance in the war.
Unbeknownst to those involved within the war, there exists an entity who knows no judgment or emotion. He is simply an observer, a guardian of knowledge. He has been tasked with recording the war in its entirety and has been forbidden to interfere in its progress no matter the event. Watcher abides by this rule knowing the consequences if he
should choose to alter Earth’s course toward oblivion.
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